Updated 19th May 2022

The current Store opening times are as follows:

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
10am – 12.30pm

Members are asked to continue to be respectful of Covid 19 restrictions i.e. Social Distancing – Masks – Hand Sanitising where appropriate. Many thanks and look forward to serving you soon.

Payment methods are unchanged i.e. card, cheque or cash.

Membership cards must be shown. New members always welcome
see “How to Join” at top of this page.

New Stock in Store from middle of January:

First Early potatoes: Casablanca – Foremost – Pentland Javelin – Premier – Red Duke of York – Sherine
Second Early potatoes: Carlingford – Kestrel – Nadine – Saxon – Charlotte (salad) – Pink Fir Apple (salad)
Main Crop potatoes: Cara – Desiree – King Edward – Maris Piper – Picasso – Sarpo Mira/strong>
Onions: Stuttgart – Giant – Turbo – Rumba
Shallots: Golden Gourmet – Yellow Moon – Biztro

Bulb and Dahlia selection 2022

Hanging Basket Pendula begonias – Large Double Flowering Begonias
Dahlias:- Jamaica – Kelvin Floodlight – Mystery Day – Peaches and cream
Thomas Edison – Fuzzy Wuzzy – New Baby – Petra’s Wedding

Also in Store all your favourite vegetable seeds

Plus Humax Peat Reduced Compost
and new for members who wish to go peat-free: Melcourt Peat Free

Always in stock

Ground Fabrics – Fleeces – Protective Netting – Tools
Fertilizers – Shingle – Sand Bark – J.I. – Soil – Bird Feed


Membership for 2022 is now available at the Store or by post from the Membership Secretary. Keep watching the Website for dates and times, etc.

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