Updated 18th May 2021


With effect from TUESDAY 18th MAY 2021, The Trading Store will be open to members as follows:

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
10am – 12.30pm

A maximum of three customers will be allowed to browse in-store at any one time and masks will still be worn until further notice. Methods of payment will be by cheque, cash or card.

Members are asked to continue to be respectful of Covid 19 restrictions i.e. social distancing and hand sanitising where appropriate.
Many thanks and we look forward to serving you soon.

Membership cards must be shown NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME

In store stock includes:

New supplies of Vegetable Seeds, Humax and Clover Compost

Also available:

Ground Fabrics – Fleeces – Protective Netting – Tools – Fertilizers – Shingle – Sand – Bark – J.I. – Soil – Bird Feed

Still in stock:

Seed Potatoes at £1.20 per kilo and Onions at £3.40 per kilo
And some stocks still remain of Dahlias – Double Begonias & Lilies

Photos of all Bulbs & Dahlia’s can be found by clicking here.


Members who renewed or joined the Society in 2020, please keep your yellow membership card and yearbook, as they will be valid (at no cost to you), for the year 2021.

The show dates (and any other dates shown in the yearbook) will change, but the classes will remain the same.

Keep watching the website for further updates.

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