How to exhibit

How to start exhibiting at a show

We are often asked “how do I start exhibiting at the shows?”
Well, first of all join our society and familiarise yourself with the show schedules in the Year Book. As you have not shown before, you can enter any one of the classes, including the Novice classes if you do not wish to compete with longstanding exhibitors.

As the show approaches, go out into your garden and see whether you have anything possible to exhibit, whether it be your runner beans, cut flowers, a plant in a pot or your apples maybe. If you have some nice dahlias, you could enter them in one or more of the dahlia classes in the Autumn Show. This is especially true for the class: “1 Flower stem from open garden”. Just go and pick the best 2 blooms in your garden and you have 2 entries.

On the morning of the show, list the classes you think you can enter, gather up your exhibits, and bring them to the Mill Hall as early as you can after 9.00 a.m. If you need help, ask any of the stewards in the hall. Collect an entry form, and when completed return it to the official at the table together with your entry fees of 25p per exhibit, by 11.a.m. the latest. A little later you will be able to collect your exhibitor’s tickets and place them beside each entry on the show bench.

If you have cut flowers, vases are available for their display and you can stage your exhibits in the preparation room behind the stage in the hall. Check with a steward that you are putting your exhibits in the right section, and you must be out of the hall by 11.30.a.m. When you return in the afternoon, hopefully you have won a prize. If not then compare your exhibits with the ones that won and learn from it for next time.

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